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A certain percentage of the population will benefit from corrective jaw surgery. If you have an underbite (lower jaw too far forward), overbite (lower jaw too far back), open bite (front teeth do not come together when biting down), gummy smile or facial asymmetry then you are likely a candidate for corrective jaw surgery. Sometimes orthodontic treatment is not able to correct the way your teeth fit together due to underlying jaw bone discrepancies. In these cases jaw surgery is indicated in order to correct the jaw discrepancies so that the orthodontist can then align your teeth properly. Dr. Ferdowsmakan works closely with your orthodontist to plan your jaw surgery. He uses the latest medical imaging software to precisely plan your surgery. If you are unsure whether you would benefit from corrective jaw surgery speak with your orthodontist or contact Dr. Ferdowsmakan for an evaluation. Corrective jaw surgery is often life-changing surgery as it not only improves your jaw function but it also enhances your natural facial appearance and ultimately your self confidence.