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My daughter was referred to Dr Ferdowsmakan for impacted wisdom teeth. She had an initial consult with Dr F, then we scheduled the surgery for when it was convenient for us. Before the surgery, the nurse called in prescriptions for antibiotics, steroids and painkillers, so we were able to pick these up from our pharmacy before the day of the surgery. The staff was very friendly, the office was very clean, the surgery went well and on time. My daughter had no bruising and no swelling. Dr Ferdowsmakan even called me himself during the week to see how she was doing. The follow up visit was also on time and I felt like the staff was really there for anything we needed. I would recommend this doctor to everyone!

Sandra C.

San Diego, CA

Dr. Ferdowsmakan and Staff – You have changed my life. Thank you for my beautiful pain free smile! I continue to be pleased with my results! It has been several years and I have not once had a moment of regret in trusting Dr. Ferdowsmaken with my life altering surgery!

Melissa H.

Dr. Ferdowsmakan is a wonderful physician!  I would recommend anyone who is in need of his services to go to him.  His office staff is also amazing!  Dr. Ferdowsmakan made me feel very comfortable prior to the surgery answering all of the questions I had for him.  The day of the surgery I was very nervous and his nurses made me feel confident.  Dr. Ferdowsmakan called me on a Saturday, the day after the surgery to check on me.  I do not know many doctors who would go above and beyond for their patients as he does.   I was having pains after my surgery and they were very helpful setting up a last minute appointment as well as giving me ideas as to how to feel better faster.  I ended up having to go back a few times due to the amount of pain, and I was always treated very well.  I am very happy with my decision to go to Dr. Ferdowsmakan.

Kerri N.

San Diego

From the minute I walked into the office I was greeted with friendly, smiling faces.  My meeting with Dr. Ferdowsmakan was informative, friendly and relieving of all anxiety I may have had.  The surgery was painless and quickly done.  It was a successful experience and I can recommend Dr. Ferdowsmakan, his capable, nice assistant and pleasant office staff for any and all procedures.

Vicki T.

La Jolla

I am in the Air Force and they required that I have my wisdom teeth removed. Well, my brother had his wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Ferdowsmakan so I came highly recommeded. When I came in for the consultation he was very nice. He explained everything very well and made me feel comfortable. On the day of the procedure his whole staff put me at ease. Afterwards I had little to no pain. Overall an AWESOME experience. I would recommend him to ANYONE. I actually already have!

Daniel M.

El Cajon, CA

Dr. Ferdowsmakan did an incredible job with our daughter, Meghan. Meghan had braces for years trying to fix a serious overbite. It came to the point that it was determined braces were not the end all solution. We came to Dr. Ferdowsmakan’s office and we were so pleased with him and his staff. Everyone was so kind and gentle with Meghan. Meghan had her surgery in May of 2013. She had her lower jaw brought forward, and had a small implant in her chin to help fill out the look. Her teeth now line up correctly so that eating is easier, and her speech is clear. The additional benefit, is now everyone can see what a beautiful young lady she is, with a gorgeous smile. We were impressed with Dr. Ferdowsmakan’s thoughtfulness with Meghan. His was the first bouquet of flowers that she received at the hospital. He came in to check on her daily, even though his wife had just had a baby. When she went home, he continued to check on her progress.

Meghan R.

The experience that I had with Dr. Ferdowsmakan and his staff was excellent.  He is very calm, gentle and reassuring.  The office is beautiful and state of the art.  I can’t say enough about his staff.  They are all very professional, helpful and happy.  I would recommend Dr. Ferdowsmakan to anyone who needs an oral surgeon.

Cindy S.

San Diego

I have had extremely bad experiences with dentists so going to get my wisdom teeth pulled was a huge step. When i first went for my consultation Dr. Ferdowsmakan was so reassuring and kept me calm about the whole process. When i went in for my procedure the staff was so courteous and went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. I don’t remember much about the procedure itself because i went to sleep, however after the procedure i had very little pain and i was pretty much able to eat anything the day after. (very carefully, of course) There was minimal swelling and the doctor even called to check up on me the night of the procedure. All around Dr. Ferdowsmakan is a great doctor and i would recommend him to anyone!

Michael M.

El Cajon